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Efecte Tools for Excel

Efecte Tools for Excel integrates your Microsoft Excel to any Efecte application. It is a simple and very powerful tool to edit data in Efecte utilizing the full power of Excel.

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Efecte Excel tool

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Application features

This Excel add-on does everything you could possibly need to do when it comes to Data Management for Efecte ITSM platform.

Supported Efecte and Excel versions

Efecte 5.x and all Cloud versions supportedEfecte Integrations services license is required to access the Efecte WEB API. Ask your Efecte Sales person for more details or HERE

Microsoft Office Excel 2010, 2013, 2016     (Windows .NET 4.6.2 platform required)

Efecte Excel add-on features

Free trial (No time limitation, 10 rows max)Single click installation

Native Excel add-on (Windows only)

Automatic updates

Online activation

Downloading data from Efecte

Download data from all available folders or limit download to a specified folderLimit the number of rows downloaded

Choose if you want to download also or only hidden data cards (e.g. closed tickets or disabled users)

Download options include: hidden, visible, deleted data cards (e.g. trashcan)

Select attributes, that you want to download

Opportunity to use Efecte Query Language (EQL), which is similar to SQL Query language

Uploading data to Efecte

Upload options: Create, Update and UpsertWhen uploading data you can select the folder data is updated to

You can clear data using remove values option

You can create reference values, if needed

Option to create static values, if needed

Working with Efecte

Connect to any Efecte server you have access to Save the connection credentials for fast accessDetail logging of all activities with Efecte

Automatic recognition of available Efecte templates

Data is always loaded to the active Excel sheet, so multiple sheets can be used

Getting Efecte template headers is possible

Header information, the downloaded headers contain explanations of each attribute; name, code, data type and is unique etc.

Supports all Excel features and formulas in manipulating data

Download and upload settings are remembered per template, which makes repetitive download/upload tasks faster

Special features

A special data download feature “linked data download” is available for combining two templates’ data which don’t have a direct relation to each other, but are related through a third template e.g. connecting “persons” to “service catalog services” through common “active directory groups”